КOLBE ENERGY international vertically integrated energy group of companies that form the production chain, from procurement of raw materials and the production of wood chips to generate and supply heat and electricity.

KOLBE ENERGY aims to become the leading Ukrainian company in the production of heat and electricity with its own fuel supply. The primary fuel will be wood chips.

KOLBE ENERGY will have a competitive advantage as it will develop a synergistic effect of vertical integration.

KOLBE ENERGY will support the development of the potential of their employees and will pay attention to the conditions and safety of their work.

KOLBE ENERGY will actively cooperate with local authorities in the matter of transfer of municipal boilers on domestic fuel - wood chips.

KOLBE ENERGY will build a network of power plants running on wood chips and sell the electricity generated in this way at the green tariff.

KOLBE ENERGY will take an active part in social life of local communities. The basis of the group activity is ecological, economical and social responsibility.