Competitive advantages

Availability of raw materials

earthForest Fund of Ukraine:

  • 8th place in Europe (excluding Russia);
  • total area of 9.5 million hectares;
  • 15.7% of Ukraine territory;
  • the current stock of 1.8 billion m3;
  • annual growth of 4 m3/ha;
  • stores up 15 million m3/year;

Developed timber industry

ecobag The advantages of wood chips:

  • availability, renewability,
  • environment –friendly fuel,
  • low cost,
  • 3-4 tons of wood chips replace 1,000 m3 of natural gas.
  • Characteristics of wood chips:

  • fraction: 30 x 50 mm,
  • humidity: 10 - 50%,
  • calorific value: 7 - 15 MJ/kg,
  • ash content: 0.4 - 3%.

Market conditions

          Constantly rising cost of natural gas and the resulting increase in the cost of production of thermal energy, make the use of alternative kinds of fuel particularly relevant and cost-effective.
          The expected increase in utility tariffs for the population will make this issue even more important and at the same time opening up new market niches.
          State support program, "green tariff" in accordance to which the state represented by GP Energy Market buys electricity produced from biomass.
          Undeveloped market with a low level of competition.

Legislative conditions


       April 1, 2009 - the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the the Law of Ukraine "On Electric Power Industry" for promoting the use of alternative sources of energy "(came into force on April 22, 2009), according to which the GP" Energy "buys electricity produced from biomass at " green tariff "- 12.39 euro cents / kWh.