Our projects

green-house0          As a pilot project we are working on transferring boilers of two district hospitals in the Transcarpathian region for the concession and their transfer from gas to wood chips. In Tyachev and Beregov district hospitals it is being planned to construct a modular unit in addition to the existing gas boiler and in Vinogradov hospital building of a new biomass boiler has already been planned. Krieger company, the leader of the Ukrainian market, was selected as the equipment supplier.
          In the mid term, with the increase in tariffs for the population the supply of heat energy to the cities will be of great interest . Currently, the company is actively searching new objects, in particular the possibility and effectiveness of the concession of the central boiler of Kovel and its subsequent reversing into wood chips is being comprehensively considered.

          Currently, preparatory work on the construction of 3 MW station in the town of Kovel is going on . The platform has been selected by the company-operator, negotiations with suppliers are continuing.
          The company is looking for sites for construction of stations in Chernihiv, Rivne, Lviv and Chernivtsi regions.