Kolbe Energy Park extends logging equipment

On Kolbe Energy today is one of the first companies who are beginning to carry out timber harvesting on modern European technologies in Ukraine. The company has acquired the advanced technique of the best producers of the world scale, namely harvester, consisting of a system of machines: excavator JCB JS 240 LC and harvester head PONSSE H7, which combined with its technical characteristics and are able to work with one set of performing a number of logging operations. Among these works: felling trees with a diameter up to 65cm clearance from the twigs, branches, bucking, moving them to storage sites.

This technique replaces the hard physical labor increases productivity and allows the careful use of natural resources.

The cabin is made on all norms of labor protection, in which the driver feels safe, comfortable and cozy. Available climate control, ergonomic desk chair, stereo system, computer, allowing to maintain electronic records of work with remote access.

In March - April 2013, conducted two machines «JCB» accessories and «PONSSE» one - Harvester, and 25 - 26 April 2013 setting and commissioning of the machine was made in the work in the real forest conditions. Work was carried out high-level experts, representatives of «PONSSE» Chernutsky Nikolai, Sergei Goroshnikov, using JCB CML service department head Alexander Kutschera.

April 27, 2013 under the leadership of the company Kolbe Energy, using Boyar VOC management, Ch. forester A. Shevchuk, beg. LZK V. Nevmerzhitsky on the territory of the Plesetsk forest, the work was carried out a demonstration of the harvester for forestry workers, the faculty of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, in the presence of potential customers logging on and future partners. All participants were pleasantly surprised by what he saw and showed a great interest in forestry machines, as evidenced by the large number of questions to the representatives of the company's «PONSSE» and our staff on the use and operation of equipment.