Opening the boiler house in Tyachev

Generator capacity 1.25 MW

Tyachiv, Zakarpattya region;

Investment component - € 500 000;

The required amount of biofuel - 6000мper year;

Fuel: wood chips fuel;

Substitution of natural gas - 250 000мper year;

Generator provides heat the local hospital, and allows you to save 250 000мof gas per year.

The construction of the object - this is the first but very important step in energy independence, not only the city but the entire region.

On the occasion of the opening of the object to the celebration, which coincided with the celebration of the Day of the city Tyachev was visiting the main investor, CEO «Kolbe Energy» Lubomir Kopcik, as well as representatives of the government, deputies of the district council, the hospital staff.