Opening the boiler house in Beregovo

Generator capacity 1.5 MW

Beregovo, Zakarpattya region;

Investment component - € 400 000;

The required amount of biofuel - 7500мper year;

Fuel: wood chips fuel;

Substitution of natural gas - 315 000м3 per year ;

Berezovskaya Central District Hospital has moved to an alternative to expensive gas heating - here it completed the construction of solid-fuel generator.

Installation of solid-installation Ukrainian company «KRIGER» carried out the workers from the city of Zhitomir. It is pleasant to note that Beregovsky CRH is one of the first in Transcarpathia moved to an alternative form of heating, which will significantly reduce costs and dependence on foreign gas.

The opening of this important facility for Beregovo visited the director of the Department of Housing, Building and Infrastructure Regional Administration Vasiliy Prigara, first deputy head of the WGA Vitaly Matius, Chairman Elena schöder District Council, Chief Physician Beregovsky CRH Ivan Malesh, the leaders and founders of LLC "Rright Power Energy Ukraine", MPs district council and hospital workers.